The 7 best parts about Russell Wilson’s ridiculous new poster


Russell Wilson is a likable guy. He’s a great quarterback, a good guy off the field who visits hospitals to bring cheer to those less fortunate than him. Wilson is a guy every brand and sponsor wants to get its hands on, and Costacos Brothers have done just that.

Wilson and the iconic poster artists unveiled a new one for the Seahawks quarterback, and it’s weird, awesome, confusing and questionable all at once. Just take a look for yourself.

It’s being sold for $20 with all proceeds going to Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation, which is great.

What’s even better are the hidden treasures in the poster itself. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt for weirdness with your eyes. You just have to look closely.

Here are the best things about “Russell Wilson: Armed and Dangeruss.”

1. His arsenal of footballs

These include “Red Zone Specials,” “1st Down Balls,” “Flaming Dimes,” and “50 Yard Bombs,” among others. Handing the ball off to Marshawn is obviousl not included in “Red Zone Specials.”

2. “Magic Russ’s Bag of Tricks”

Wilson is among the best at escaping would-be sacks, so this probably explains how he does it.

3. His collection of books

Perseverance, Perspective and Purpose. Need he say more?

4. That mysterious CD

What is Wilson listening to, and where is his 1990s boombox?

5. No Time 2 Sleep clock


6. Those “WANTED” posters

What in the world could Russell “DangeRUSS” Wilson be wanted for? Did he obliterate a football field with too many 50-yard bombs?

7. That blue camouflage bandana

This is something Wilson should definitely wear on game day. Cheesy? Yes. But it goes with his arm bandana-thing.