Seahawks GM admits Richard Sherman trade rumors are ‘real’

The Seattle Seahawks have fielded one of the best secondaries in the NFL for several years now thanks to Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. It’s a big reason their defense has ranked first in points allowed in four of the last five years.

It would seem crazy for them to break up the Legion of Boom, but it may not be completely out of the question. Rumors surfaced recently suggesting the Seahawks would move Richard Sherman for the right price. Not much was made of it originally, but general manager John Schneider isn’t refuting the fact that it’s a real possibility.

“I think we’re a very unique organization in that regard. We have a great relationship with a lot of our players,” Schneider said on 710 ESPN. “There’s very much an openness. What you’ve seen lately in the news is real. That’s on both sides. It’s just open communication. He knows what’s going on. We know what’s going on.”

Schneider, just as Pete Carroll did last week, said he doesn’t know if Sherman will ever be dealt, but it’s something that’s been discussed. Knowing how valuable Sherman is, and how big of a haul he could net the Seahawks, it’s a situation the team will at least consider.

“I don’t know if anything would ever happen, but like I tell people all the time, 98 percent of the deals that we’re involved with, we don’t follow through with,” Schneider added. “But at least we’ve opened that door, gone down the road and seen what’s behind Door A or Door B.”

Sherman originally laughed at the report that he could be traded, but his tune changed fairly quickly after. He understands the NFL is “a business and organizational philosophies change.”

Schneider said he’s had open communication with Sherman about this development, and nothing is a secret. That’s fairly obvious, seeing as he’s openly saying the Seahawks would consider dealing the All-Pro corner.