The Seahawks plan to continue their national anthem demonstration

Players across the NFL are voicing their opinions on the state of America in myriad ways.

Colin Kaepernick started the trend with his preseason protests during the national anthem — protests meant to bring attention to racial inequality and police brutality. He was joined by teammates and players on other teams, who either took a knee like the San Francisco 49ers QB or raised a fist at the conclusion of the anthem.

The Seattle Seahawks went a different route with their pregame demonstrations. Before a season-opening win against the Miami Dolphins, Seattle’s players stood together, arm-in-arm, in what the team called a display of unity and a call for change. On Thursday, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told reporters that the team will continue their demonstration, even on the road.

Via Seattle Times:

The Seahawks travel to Los Angeles this week to face the Rams for the first NFL game in L.A. since 1994.

According to Bennett, the team engaged in a heated debate over the proper course of action before facing the Dolphins in Week 1, something that might have impacted Seattle’s preparation during the week. The Seahawks struggled to a 12-10 win over Miami, as QB Russell Wilson suffered a sprained ankle in the third quarter on a sack by Ndamukong Suh.

Prior to that season-opening game, Wilson and Doug Baldwin shared a video explaining the motivation for their actions:

Bennett’s brother, Martellus, was among several Patriots players who raised a fist at the end of the anthem before New England defeated the Cardinals last week.