Russell Wilson and Ciara write the sappiest love notes to each other

Russell Wilson and Ciara are not afraid to show their love in public.

Russell Wilson was probably feeling a little down Sunday after his Seattle Seahawks lost to the Carolina Panthers, but good thing Wilson has a loving girlfriend to pick up his spirits as he enters the offseason.

Ciara went on Instagram after the game and poured her heart out for Wilson, saying how proud she is of "My Champ" and "The Best Is Yet To Come."

Wilson later responded with a tweet just as sappy (to which Ciara then responded with a heart emoji):

This is nothing new for the couple, as they clearly enjoy expressing their love in public spaces.

After Ciara rocked the national anthem at the College Football Playoff title game last week, Wilson let the world know he has a beautiful and talented girlfriend.

Wilson is a pretty positive guy, so he’s probably fine today and is already excited about what’s ahead, but a pick-me-up from Ciara never hurts.