Here’s one possible reason the Seahawks got routed in the first half by Panthers

New week, new result, but same idea. 

The Panthers jumped all over the Seahawks on Sunday in their divisional round playoff game and led 31-0 at halftime.

Here were some of the Seahawks’ lowlights in stat form:

Now, some of those changed through the course of the disastrous half for the Seahawks, but it was the second straight week the Seahawks have had to play a game at 1 p.m. ET. That means it was a dreaded 10 a.m. PT start for Seattle after traveling a good distance to the east.

Last week against the Vikings, the Seahawks were also shut out for quite a while and looked pretty lackluster. They didn’t score any of their 10 points until the fourth quarter.

The fact that the Seahawks reeled off 24 points in the second half and staged a furious comeback further lends to the point that the start times may have put Seattle at a disadvantage. During the regular season, the Seahawks went 2-2 in 10 a.m. PT kickoffs.

Nevertheless, the Panthers advanced and will host the Arizona Cardinals in next week’s NFC Championship Game.