Discount price for Irvin to stay with Seahawks: ‘Probably $3 million’

Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Bruce Irvin has 22 sacks in his first four seasons.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Outside linebacker Bruce Irvin is willing to take a hometown discount to remain with the Seattle Seahawks. How much of one Irvin would accept will likely determine his fate.

The fourth-year linebacker on Monday acknowledged meeting with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider and being asked if he’d cut his asking price to remain with Seattle.

"Probably $3 million," Irvin said when asked about a specific number per season. "I would definitely come back because I’m established here. These are my brothers. I honestly can’t even imagine myself playing with anybody else."

A first-round draft pick out of West Virginia in 2012, Irvin recorded 5.5 sacks this season to boost his career total to 22. He stressed that he’s not looking to break the bank.

"I’m not asking for $100 million," Irvin said. "I’m not asking for nothing crazy. I just want to be appreciated. But everything will work itself out."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, facing the prospect of 11 starters from Sunday’s NFC divisional round loss headed to free agency, declined to go into specifics on individual players while speaking with reporters Monday.

"In general, I’ll tell you that the guys that are with us that have helped us become the team that we’ve become, we want them back," Carroll said. "Bruce is certainly one of those guys."