Sean Payton’s Philosophy For Drafting Integrity

The NFL Draft process can be a long lasting fight to prove your worthiness. The NFL Combine is setup to separate the physical aspect. Additionally, there is the Wonderlic test to measure intelligence. Neither can measure the “It” factor.

Of course, there is no definitive set of tests or interviews that can measure a man’s character. That being said, one doesn’t have to look far for high quality individuals that have been brought into the Black and Gold. Actually, many of them are still on the roster right now.

Accordingly, evidence of how a player reacts after an adverse situation can be a good source of fortune telling for a players success. Drew Brees represents all of the above, coming back from serious injury to make a Hall of Fame career once landing with the Saints. Tim Hightower also was brought in after missing some years being in the league.

Furthermore, players like Vonn Bell and Brandon Cook were drafted with high character just to name a few. Similarly, both of these young men have high character qualities that include a dedication to faith and being a role models for young kids.

It’s no secret that anyone who wants to play for the Saints better not be a diva or have  a selfish sense of being. Otherwise, there will be consequences.

Marques Colston is yet another example. When Colston owned the Harrisburg Stampede, community service was something that was stressed. Moreover, his wife was involved at Second Harvest.

Now in 2017 Sean Payton may be looking to get back to fundamentals. Payton used to be known as the genius that would pluck talent out of the draft in the late rounds.

Finding Chris Ivory was one of those “diamonds in the rough” from little old Tiffin University. Payton has surely already beat the odds in the coaching carousel that is prominent in the NFL. Sometimes when coaches have a lot of success, they may want to tweak things. Some of the tweaking may not be needed at all. Coaches can get caught into making changes just to mix things up a bit.

To get to the top of the coaching hierarchy and winning a Super Bowl is simply a pipe dream for many. Just take Bill Belicheck, Chuck Noll, Joe Gibbs, and Bill Walsh. Those four men account for 14 Super Bowls combined. Since 50 Super Bowls have been played, those men have won 28% of the championships. That’s almost 1/3 just them alone.

The Saints have had over 13 head coaches, yet none of them came even close. The numbers aren’t in front of me, but the percentage has to be under 1% of head coaches that have even been there.

The odds are astronomical for a coach to ever attain the position of head coach. So even questioning Payton’s philosophy over the course of his career is an insult.

Sean Payton has put together teams with character guys year after year. Now in 2017, the draft will be upcoming in April. Odds are that Payton will get back to his philosophy that started the ball rolling. Especially, the rounds after the 4th round.

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