Seahawks’ playoff run starts now

The Seahawks are preparing to face the Detroit Lions on Saturday, and despite an inconsistent season, they have a great opportunity to make a run in the playoffs.

The NFL postseason is upon us, and there are only 12 of 32 teams still alive.  The Seahawks are fortunate to still be playing, and their experience gives them a major advantage over most teams in the playoffs.

The 2016 Seattle Seahawks still have many players that were part of the group that won Super Bowl XLVIII.  These players know what it takes to make it to the big game and they have the leadership to direct the rest of the team.

When you have players like Wilson, Baldwin, Bennett, Avril, Wagner, Sherman and Chancellor, then you will always have a shot to win a Super Bowl. These players, among several others that could have been mentioned, have the experience to play their best football in the most important times.

The Seahawks are a special team, and each year has its own unique challenges.  This year a lot of the struggles were due to injuries.

Losing Earl Thomas and Tyler Lockett were huge losses, two players that simply cannot be replaced. Russell Wilson battling through injuries all year also negatively impacted the offense.

Once you hit the playoffs, though, you can’t make any more excuses.  It comes down to focusing on one week at a time, and giving every ounce of energy that you have, to win each game.

The Seahawks have what it takes to win 4 straight games, thus becoming Super Bowl champions.  It won’t be easy, and each game is going to be a fight to the final whistle, but this team is battle-tested. They know how to capitalize on championship opportunities.

They have a winning coach in Pete Carroll who can lead this team to the promised land.  Russell Wilson always figures out a way to make something out of nothing in big moments. And the defense is stacked with talent, even without the presence of Earl Thomas.

The real season starts now.  The Seahawks will begin their playoff run at home, in the Wild Card round, and the crowd is going to be crazy.  The playoff magic will be put on display, and the Seattle Seahawks will show why they still have a legitimate shot at winning Super Bowl LI.

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