Doug Baldwin: Fans hurling racial epithets on social media ‘pretty typical s—‘

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin says he and other NFL players are regular recipients of racist insults from fans on social media. 

In an interview with SI's Greg Bishop and Michael McKnight for their special report “Football in America,” Baldwin showed some of the racist messages he has received, as well as hateful messages sent to teammate Steven Hauschka and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Baldwin called the messages “pretty typical s—.” 

Below are some of the social media posts directed at Baldwin:

F— you n—– boy

Move back to Africa if u don’t like it here

Shut your piehole and go tear an ACL

Black fatigue and NFL fatigue are setting in all across the nation

Hope you break your neck and become paralyzed a——

Here are a few tweets mentioning Newton: 

Cam wanna talk to Goodell?? . . . I hope Roger call him a n—–.

Cam Newton is just a pussy . . . take your pimp suit and be a n—– elsewhere.

I hope that stupid n—– cam newton has brain damage and dies in his sleep tonight.

Baldwin has become outspoken about racial issues, calling for change in the wake of police shootings as well as meeting with government and business leaders about creating a safer, more inclusive society.

Baldwin has previously said he has received death threats for speaking out against cops' role in police shootings and his support of Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protests over racial injustice. 

The full story, which seeks to capture the state of football in America, is the longest and most comprehensive football piece ever published by Sports Illustrated. 

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