Seahawks DE Bryant still has something to prove

Just because Red Bryant is comfortable doesn’t mean the Seahawks

defensive end is satisfied.

With a four-month-old son at home, Bryant is happy to have the

security of the new five-year contract he agreed to with Seattle in

March. But Bryant still feels that he has plenty to prove on the


”You’ve always got something to prove,” Bryant said. ”A lot

of guys get big contracts and then they kind of go in the tank

because you get comfortable. So I feel like not so much to justify

it, but I have bigger expectations than just a contract. You hear

that all the time, but I definitely want to be a guy that when my

playing days are over with and they think about the Seahawks, they

think about big Red Bryant.”

During his very short time on the free-agent market this year,

the New England Patriots were one of the teams to express interest

in the mammoth Bryant. Considering they were coming off a trip to

the Super Bowl and with the success the Patriots have enjoyed over

the past decade, Bryant was flattered New England showed interest

in him. It helped prove to him that he’s become an impact player in

the league.

”I was actually surprised that when the Patriots were making a

push for me, given their track record in terms of everything that

franchise stands for and coach (Bill) Belichick, he’s arguably one

of the greatest coaches, for him to pursue me it made me feel even

more confident in my ability and what I bring to the table,”

Bryant said.

Bryant has come a long way in the last two seasons. After two

virtually nondescript seasons with the Seahawks after being

selected in the fourth round of the 2008 NFL draft, Bryant thought

he was on the chopping block. New head coach Pete Carroll was

moving him to defensive end and Bryant was sure he was about to get


Instead, Carroll found a role for Bryant as a run-stopping

threat at the end position – a move that helped jumpstart his


While struggling to find playing time on poor teams, Bryant

began to wonder if it would ever come together for him.

”I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t have doubts,” Bryant

said. ”My first couple years dealing with injuries on a 4-12 and

5-11 team and still was inactive… that definitely weighs on


”A lot of times you have to just continue to work, continue to

keep a belief in yourself although it might be hard at times. I

just feel like I showed a lot of perseverance,” Bryant said.

”I’ve got to give coach Carroll a lot of credit for giving me the

opportunity to excel.”