Schein 9: Be afraid of the Patriots

I can’t believe what Jim Caldwell did.

I can’t believe what the Saints did.

You better believe in the Patriots.

I don’t believe the Ravens actually control their own destiny

after losing in Pittsburgh.

By the way, what the heck was Jim Caldwell doing?

We hand out our weekly Scheiners,

SCHEIN 9 style…

1). Foaming at the Mouth


It’s the end of the season and the Patriots are playing their

best ball of the year.

Did you see the clinic they put on against the Jaguars this


Be afraid, NFL. Be very afraid.

Tom Brady played his best game of the season, playing pitch

and catch at the Jaguars’ expense, going an impressive 23-for-26

for 267 yards and four touchdowns. Randy Moss caught three of the

touchdown passes. The duo was seen laughing and having a great old

time on the bench during the rout, making the conversation of Moss

not playing hard against Carolina a distant memory. Wes Welker had

another incredible game, catching 13 passes for 138 yards,

solidifying my vote for first team All-Pro. That’s 122 catches on

the season for Welker.

And when the Patriots get chunks on the ground, like they did

from Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk and company, it makes that offense

once again dynamic and unstoppable.

And the maligned defense stepped up and picked off the

usually cautious David Garrard two times.

The Patriots are back in the playoffs after missing the

tournament last year when Tom Brady was injured. Something just

feels right with the world with New England winning its sixth AFC

East title in the last seven years.

Get nervous, NFL.

Now I am not eradicating the follies from this season from my

mental Rolodex. I remember how New England collapsed against Miami

and how terrible the pass defense looked. This is far from your

classic Bill Belichick coached team. Laurence Maroney remains an

enigma. The youth on defense can get exposed at any moment. And if

you are looking solely at this season, forget about comparing Brady

to Peyton Manning. Brady hasn’t played as well as Eli.

None of that matters.

The NFL has never been more wide open entering the playoffs.

Indy (more on Jim Caldwell’s awful decision in a bit) lost its mojo

when the starters were replaced. The Chargers are red hot but have

something to prove in January. The Bengals haven’t looked the part

in weeks. We broke down the wide open NFC last week and since then,

the Saints and Vikes have managed to look worse.

Nobody in baseball wants to face Derek Jeter and the Yankees,

regardless of the year. The same holds true for Brady and the Pats

in pro football (deal with it Patriots fans — you are the


After that ultimate display of domination, with stud

linebacker Jerod Mayo looking just a bit healthier and Brandon

Meriweather looking a little bit more like a playmaker, and Moss

looking that much more cheerier, you have to respect the Pats.

As long as Brady is healthy and Belichick roams the sideline,

the Pats are in the mix and a legit Super Bowl favorite.

2). Rise and SCHEIN

Every once in awhile you get hit with a wonderful Horatio

Alger story. And the version in 2009 is in Carolina at the

quarterback position. What Matt Moore has done over the last two

weeks has been nothing short of remarkable.

Moore beat the Vikings and the Giants while throwing for six

touchdowns and no picks in the process. Let those numbers sink in

for a minute. Minnesota was playing for the No. 1 seed. The Giants

were closing Giants Stadium and playing for their postseason lives.

Moore has looked calm while making accurate throws and excellent


Not bad for a guy who wasn’t drafted despite being a legit

Day 2 prospect and was promptly cut by the Cowboys in his first

training camp.

Moore joined us on Sirius NFL Radio and just wanted to credit

Jonathan Stewart and the defense. He was impressive on the air,

acting like a vet, deflecting the credit. But Moore did reveal,

“Starting in the NFL has been a dream of mine since I was a little

kid. When you get your shot, you have to take advantage of it. You

have to work with your coaches. You work with your guys and make

the most of it.”

It’s a good story. And Carolina might just have its answer at

quarterback as a result.

3). Hide the women, children, and Matt Millen

Holy Jim Caldwell! How in the world do you remove Peyton

Manning from the game against the Jets with 5:36 in the third

quarter? It was illogical, irresponsible, and to the paying

customers, the Colts star players, and the rest of the NFL,


If you believed in rest, you don’t even play Peyton Manning

in the ballgame. Why start him and then yank him with a chance to

go for 16-0 — and most especially 19-0? Why eliminate Indy’s

great air of invincibility it has shown during this winning streak?

All of the Peyton Manning-led comebacks. The way the defense made a

stop when it mattered. Why would you take that air out of the

Colts’ proverbial balloon?

I’m not a body language expert, but Manning looked irate. So

did Reggie Wayne, who sat on the bench with his shoulders slumped.

People can talk about the pressure to stay undefeated and win the

Super Bowl all they want. Now there’s even more pressure on the

Colts after Caldwell’s strange and ill-timed move.

And then there’s the league responsibility. It’s low on the

totem poll here, but it just stunk for competitive balance. Curtis

Painter isn’t a top 75 quarterback in the NFL. Now the Jets don’t

have to say sorry. Miami, Baltimore, Denver, and Jacksonville all

lost. But that game was over the minute Painter, only playing

because the real backup Jim Sorgi was on IR, entered the game.

It looked bad. It smelled bad. The fans, the paying

customers, were rightly angry they had a run at history wiped away.

In a direct interview with us on Sirius NFL Radio where a

gracious Caldwell answered all the questions, the coach said he

actually wished he took Manning out earlier than he did. He

acknowledged that the players wanted to stay in. Caldwell also said

he talked to Bill Polian and Jim Irsay, but it was his decision for

the final answer. And he added, “I have an obligation to win a


I think his strategy in this specific game hurt that cause.

4). Backseat Coaching

Hey Jack Del Rio! What are you thinking about? You go for it

on a fourth-and-1 in the first quarter at the New England 35 with

the score 0-0? Jacksonville got stuffed and New England predictably

never looked back.

5). Schein’s Anatomy

Rey Maualuga broke his ankle in the win to clinch the AFC

North for the Bengals. That’s a big blow. The rookie was having a

really strong season.

6). Weekly Hot Seat

Pay attention to the word choice coming from Giants defensive

end Osi Umenyiora. He sounded done in New York after the Giants’

horrible no-show in a game to save the season Sunday. But Osi has

two years left on his deal at about 3 million per. I’d keep Osi

regardless of his current frustration. He has too much talent.

7). My Guys

Mike McCarthy: Misguided fans still blame the

coach and the general manager for Brett Favre. It doesn’t get more

foolish than that. The Packers lost in Tampa to fall to 4-4. They

kicked adversity in the face after that, going a whopping 6-1 after

the defeat. And McCarthy swore to me all year that the offensive

line would come together. He was right. Great job getting the

Packers into the playoffs.

Jerry Jones: The Dallas owner doesn’t get enough

credit for a theme we ran with this offseason. Jones made the

Cowboys Wade Phillips’ team. He cut TO while allowing Phillips to

bring in “edge” guys like Keith Brooking and Igor Olshansky, who

played for Phillips at prior stops. Brooking made all the

difference in the world for Dallas on defense, dominating the

Saints and the Redskins, giving them the heartbeat they lacked when

collapsing last season. Dallas is back in the tournament and Jones

deserves a lot of credit.

Philip Rivers: I could cite a bunch of gaudy stats

from the Christmas night win against the Titans. Or I could simply

tell you that Philip Rivers has been the second-best quarterback in

the NFL this year, behind only Peyton Manning.

Jonathan Stewart: No DeAngelo Williams, no

problem. The stud back pounded and humiliated the Giants to the

tune of 206 rush yards on a whopping 7.4 yards per carry. I go back

to the draft a few years back when a general manager told me

Stewart was the next Curtis Martin. Matt Moore told me on Sirius

NFL Radio, “Stewart is such a nice, quiet guy who runs angry. It’s

pretty amazing to watch.” I’d agree.

Matt Ryan: The Falcons are a win away from having

back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in franchise

history. That’s a huge deal. And while Ryan is clearly not 100

percent, as a team leader he is making sure he is out there. It’s

very impressive. Ryan led his team to a big win against the Jets in

Week 15 and had the Falcons in cruise control against the Bills in

a lopsided win.

8). My Goats

Tom Coughlin: We’ve blamed everyone else, and

rightly so, from the underachieving bellyachers on the defensive

line to the overwhelmed defensive coordinator to Brandon Jacobs to

even general manager Jerry Reese. Coughlin avoided my wrath all

year, but he needs to take responsibility for his team’s total no

show in the final game for the Giants at Giants Stadium, in a game

loaded with playoff implications. It was totally pathetic.

Garrett Hartley: He missed a 37-yard field goal at

the gun to send the Saints-Bucs game into overtime, where Tampa

would stun New Orleans. You have to make that kick.

Jim Zorn: I would’ve benched Albert Haynesworth

after he disrespected you by not getting to practice on time. And

Zorn makes this list after his team didn’t even bother to show up

in consecutive weeks at home against division rivals on national

television. Zorn will never be a head coach again in the NFL. Great

guy. Not a head man.

Jeff Fisher: We can talk about the comeback after

the 0-6 start. Or we can simply call this season an underachieving


The Seahawks: I mean, really?

9). Three and out

  • The Saints run defense has been awful in back-to-back weeks.

    When Cadillac Williams carves you up, it’s time to sound the


  • Santonio Holmes joined us Monday on Sirius NFL Radio. He

    still can’t believe the Steelers lost those five straight games

    down the stretch. What was the worst loss? Holmes said,

    “Cleveland. That really sucked”. Yes it did.

  • Ken Whisenhunt has won back to back division titles and won

    his 10th game of the year on Sunday. Remember when the Cards were

    a joke? Whisenhunt has totally changed the culture and level of

    expectation in Arizona. I don’t want that to get lost in the


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