Sanchez, Holmes in playful roommate-gate for Jets

The Jets have their first big controversy of training camp:


Not to worry, though. This is just a friendly – and playful –

case of revisionist history.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez and wide receiver Santonio Holmes are

roommates this summer, but how they got together depends on which

one you ask.

Sanchez said earlier in the week that the wide receiver

requested to be his roommate so they could get to know each other


Holmes, acquired from Pittsburgh in the offseason, had a

different version after the team’s scrimmage Saturday.

”When the guys came around the locker room asking who I wanted

to be camp roommates with, I went through the list and everybody

was pretty much taken up,” Holmes said with a laugh. ”Except for


Holmes didn’t mind, though. And, he doesn’t dispute that he

picked Sanchez because it would help them get to know each other

better after being acquired from Pittsburgh in April.

”After I saw the list and saw that he was the only open,”

Holmes said, ”I went up to him and said, ‘We’re going to be

roommates, bro. Whether you like it or not, we’re roommates.”’

When told of Holmes’ version, Sanchez was stunned.

”Santonio said that?” he said, his eyes wide. ”I’m going to

hold my comment for now, and I’m going to talk to you guys on

Monday. If he doesn’t show up to practice, don’t be


But, as someone reminded Sanchez, Holmes said he had no


”Yeah, right,” a smiling Sanchez said. ”All right, I’ll

remember that.”