49ers’ Joe Staley gifts single father pair of Super Bowl tickets


The San Francisco 49ers’ home stadium is playing host to Super Bowl 50. The team’s left tackle made one of the most charitable gestures revolving around the big game.

When the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos take the field Sunday, Johnel Spivey, a single father from Santa Clara will be in attendance, thanks to Joe Staley, who was looking for a deserving person.

Via the San Jose Mercury News:

Spivey has had custody of his 7-year-old daughter, Jordan, since she was 3 months old. Jordan has had no mother in her life — derailed by personal problems — so Spivey carried the load, right down to braiding her hair for school. He did so despite having a heart attack and kidney failure along the way. Spivey, 54, has been on dialysis three days a week for the past six years. Even when Spivey had surgery, he avoided pain medication so he could stay focused on his daughter’s needs.  

The paper added that Spivey’s instinct was to take his daughter Jordan to the game. Jordan, however, convinced him to take his girlfriend, Patricia Wheeler.

"Johnel was moved beyond words," Wheeler wrote the paper. "He broke down crying and had to sit down. He was just overwhelmed."

Well done, Joe Staley.