Whitlock cuts off Cowherd to issue ultimate Kaepernick proclamation: ‘That guy’s toast’

Think 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick can retake a spot among the NFL's elite QBs?

Colin Cowherd has been leading the Chip Kelly bandwagon in a HUGE way ever since the San Francisco 49ers hired him as their new head coach last week. This, despite Chipper being canned by the Philadelphia Eagles with one game left in the regular season, mainly over owner Jeff Lurie hinting Kelly lacked "emotional intelligence."

For evidence of Cowherd’s Chip lovefest, see here and here and here and even here . . . you get the drift.


One popular thought after Kelly joined the Niners: "Wow, this is great news for Colin Kaepernick. He’s back!"

Not so fast, Jason Whitlock says.

On Thursday’s episode of "The Herd," Cowherd began theorizing that while Kelly may not fully lift Kaepernick to the incredible level of play that helped make him a Pro Bowl QB, the former Eagles and Oregon Ducks coach would be able to turn the benched 49ers QB into a legitimate NFL starter at the very least.

At least that’s what we think Cowherd was about to argue, before Whitlock shot the host down in mid-sentence.

"Not a chance," Whitlock said. "That guy’s toast, man. … He lost his own confidence, he lost the confidence of the players in the [San Francisco] locker room, [and] he’s been exposed as [former 49ers coach] Jim Harbaugh’s creation. I don’t think you’re gonna recreate the guy."

Buzzkill city.

Whitlock went on to explain why Kelly would not want to hitch his wagons to any Kaepernick revival.

Whitlock’s proclamation that Kaepernick is already finished as an NFL starting QB continues his recent criticism. Just last week, Whitlock told Cowherd that it’s not just Kaepernick’s on-field issues that made Whitlock leap off and run far away from the No. 7 bandwagon. Whitlock pointed to "all the selfies of his body . . . all the selfie pictures of his biceps and his body . . ."

Well, let Whitlock explain:

For what it’s worth, NFL Films expert Greg Cosell also recently sided in the anti-Kaep camp on Cowherd’s show.

Perhaps it’s not yet time to buy those Kaepernick/49ers jerseys?