Chip Kelly: ‘Sometimes you land in crap, sometimes you land in San Francisco’

Day 1 on the new job for Chip Kelly went about the same as all first days go for new head coaches.

Kelly spoke Wednesday about how great it was to officially join the San Francisco 49ers. He answered questions from the media about the quarterback situation with Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert, how he would work with the GM and owner, what he learned from his old gig with the Philadelphia Eagles, yada yada yada. Normal stuff.

And then later in a sitdown interview with CSN Bay Area, Kelly dropped one heckuva quote that may or may not have been a subtle shot at his former team in Philly.

Kelly was asked a basic question to start the interview: Why are the 49ers the right fit for you?

Kelly: "When I looked at this organization, obviously I was let go in Philadelphia, and I looked at what was available out there and when someone could tell ya, you know, when you fall out of a boat sometimes you land in crap and then sometimes you land in San Francisco. For me, it was the best opportunity out there. I’ve had great admiration for this organization from afar."

Wait, what? 

That quote makes no logical sense. Could "falling out of a boat" mean getting fired in Philly, and landing in crap mean getting a bad second job? Possibly.

Or it’s the best indirect mic drop a coach has ever made. Who knows what it actually means.

Either way, it’s great to still have Chip Kelly in the NFL.

Here’s the video of his full interview: