San Francisco 49ers: 2017 Schedule Released

The San Francisco 49ers schedule for the 2017 season will be interesting as they look to improve in their rebuilding period and under a new regime.

Chip Kelly came and went in a flash for the San Francisco 49ers, bringing with him only two wins a season ago. There was still national attention on the franchise, but for few football-related reasons. The majority of the focus on the Niners was on Colin Kapernick and his decision to protest police brutality by kneeling during the national Anthem.

Both Kaepernick and Kelly are gone now and the majority of what was in San Francisco has been gutted. Now it’s time for a full rebuild that starts from the ground up and they have good men for the job. Assuming the role of head coach will be Kyle Shanahan, famous for what he did for the Atlanta Falcons offense in their run to the Super Bowl. Joining him with the 49ers will be John Lynch as the new general manager.

On the field, there are plenty of changes coming for the Niners as well. You have new quarterbacks in Matt Barkley and Brian Hoyer on the roster currently. Meanwhile, there are several other additions on low-risk contracts that could pay off, Pierre Garcon being a prime example of that with a front-loaded deal.

However, all of this hinges on what lies ahead. And the team can now look ahead to the season, as the San Francisco 49ers schedule for the 2017 season has been released:

Also important when looking ahead, though, is the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft. Off of a two-win season, the 49ers have the No. 2 overall pick. What they do with that selection and a bevy of picks thereafter will be critical to the progression of this team. As for now, though, they’re still rebuilding.

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