100-year-old Chargers fan ready to let team go

If the San Diego Chargers leave, they'll break the heart of one of their oldest fans.
Charles Aqua Viva/NFL

Blake Talbot hoped he’d live long enough to see another Super Bowl run when his beloved San Diego Chargers made it in 1995.

At 100 years old, he’s holding up his end of the bargain. The same can’t be said for the Chargers, who will leave the centarian behind if they pack up for Los Angeles in 2016.

Talbot, via ESPN:

“At my age, I realize there's not much I can do about it. I hated to see this happen 'cause I thought they belonged in San Diego. They were our team, like your high school's team.”

Talbot remembers when he could pay $5 to watch his "high school team" play in 1961. From his spot at the 48-yard-line, the season-ticket holder has seen it all: The 1963 AFL Championship season, the "Holly Roller" game in 1978 ("I hate the Raiders," says Talbot), and the record-breaking "Air Coryell" years quarterbacked by Dan Fouts.

Talbot’s last good Chargers-related memory? Meeting his idol, Lance Alworth. 

The Hall of Fame receiver came over for a beer and a chat. He showed up with a signed jersey and a signed football, mementos of a team that might not be around for their oldest fan much longer.

Said Talbot:

“…You have to accept the facts in life. People will go where the money is, you know?”