Chargers’ Mike McCoy coached like he had nothing to lose

Mike McCoy finally let go as Chargers head coach. It could be too little, too late.
Logan Bowles/Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

A philosophically different Mike McCoy patrolled the Chargers' sidelines on Sunday.

He pulled out a fourth-down try deep in Jaguars territory. And he joked about it when it helped his team win its first game in seven weeks.

“I’m having some fun,” McCoy told U-T San Diego's Kevin Acee. “At least we’re smiling. It’s nice to smile every once in a while again in here, isn’t it? It’s been a long time.”

It's seemingly been a longer time since McCoy kept his offense out on fourth down. But up five points with nine minutes to play, he kept his offense on the field for a fourth-and-seven try.

Philip Rivers had to pick it up with his legs — but he did pick it up. McCoy joked he was gracious he wouldn't have to explain another failure to reporters.

“Punt there, I’m not a big fan of doing that,” McCoy said. “I’ve done that a few times in the past, and you all know how that goes.”

Therein lies the irony. McCoy rolled the dice to find joy in his job on Sunday, but come season's end, he might wish he started gambling earlier.

(h/t U-T San Diego)

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