Eric Weddle wants to land with a Super Bowl contender

Eric Weddle wants to go to a winner.

Orlando Jorge Ramirez/Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not often that an All-Pro safety hits the open market.

Eric Weddle, a three-time Pro Bowler and two-time first team All-Pro, is set to become a free agent after spending the first nine seasons of his career with the San Diego Chargers. So, where will he go?


Will he just accept an offer from the highest bidder? Think again.

According to story in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Weddle has his sights set on a team that can win a Super Bowl.

"In the next three or four years, are they going to be competitive, are they going to be division winners, are we going to have a chance at the Super Bowl," Weddle told the Union-Tribune of his criteria.

Hmmm, interesting. The Pittsburgh Steelers need help at safety. The Indianapolis Colts could probably use him. Maybe even the — gasp! — New England Patriots. If Weddle’s willing to accept less money, his options are endless.

Weddle could work as a valuable veteran presence in any locker room. He could also push an already solid team over the top. We’ll have to wait and see.