WATCH: Lambo gets mobbed by Chargers after game-winning FG

Chargers rookie Josh Lambo got gang-tackled by a ton of grown men when he nailed a game-winner last weekend.
Jake Roth/Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Most NFL teams are in some state of field goal-kicking panic as the season's second quarter begins.

Not the Chargers. They look pretty pleased with kicker Josh Lambo after he booted this game-winning 34-yarder on Sunday to beat the Cleveland Browns:

Lambo got the pleasant kind of mob; he very nearly could've had the angry kind. He sailed a 39-yard kick wide on the previous play that would've caused overtime.

But unlike some of his kicking peers, Lambo got a second chance. His redo from 34 yards out was good — making the ending that much more enjoyable.

(h/t San Diego Chargers on Vine)

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