Sammie Coates is off to tell his mom about his disappointing Madden rating

One of the most exciting days of the summer for top draft picks is the unveiling of their rating in the Madden video game. Most of the time, the excitement turns into disappointment, and this year’s crop was no exception.

Steelers third-round pick Sammie Coates was one of a handful of rookies whose reactions were captured when EA Sports handed them an envelope containing their rating. Coates was setting himself up for dismay by predicting that he would score a "90." While his actual rating wasn’t revealed, Coates quietly walked off the set and said he would report back to his momma with his tongue planted firmly in cheek and quite possibly his tail in between his legs. 

The top 10 highest rated players in the 2015 rookie class were also revealed, with Raiders receiver Amari Cooper taking the top spot with an 82 overall. With Cooper as the measuring stick, we’d guess Coates will land in the high 60s. On the bright side, the game updates its rankings throughout the season, so Coates can boost his stock with a Martavis Bryant-like splash in his rookie campaign. 

h/t: EA Sports