Saints vs. Raiders: Staff picks and predictions

The New Orleans Saints take on the Oakland Raiders in week one of the 2016 NFL regular season. The Who Dat Dish staff makes our picks!

The regular season is finally upon us (!!!), and there are a number of interesting match-ups that the football Gods have provided us with to open up the 2016 season. One of those match-ups include the fast-rising, young and hungry Oakland Raiders, led by QB Derek Carr, taking on our good ole New Orleans Saints.

I’ve took it upon myself to gather some picks and predictions from a few of our writers here at the Who Dat Dish, on how they see the game versus the Raiders going down. So without further ado, enjoy!

Ty Anania – “The Saints’ offensive line struggles early, but a strong showing from the defense keeps the game close. Brees eventually finds the endzone twice, once the line finds its rhythm.”

  • Final score: Saints 17 Raiders 13

Tony Twillie – “The Raiders have one of the better offensive lines in the game and while the Saints’ defense looks improved, they haven’t proved they’re ready. And the Saints’ offense is still on a milk carton.”

  • Final score: Raiders 24 Saints 20

Roy Anderson – “The Saints’ defense gets to Carr early and often. Snead and Cooks give Brees all of the help he needs.”

  • Final score: Saints 24 Raiders 17

Christian Lok – “The Saints’ defense have shown good improvement over the Summer, but against the Raiders, who have one of the better offensive lines in football, they will struggle. The Raiders have a great wide receiver corps with Crabtree and Cooper, so the defensive backs will have their hands full all night. On the offensive side, we have yet to see the same old New Orleans offense. The offensive line is a mess, and Khalil Mack will make life tough for them all night. Drew Brees puts up a couple of touchdowns, but it will not be enough against the young and talented Raiders squad.”

  • Final score: Raiders 27 Saints 21

Dean Mullen – “The Saints will have a tough time stopping Carr.”

  • Final score: Raiders 34 Saints 27

Jayden Lichlyter – I’m not sold on the Raiders, or Derek Carr. I think they’re a young, talented team. HOWEVER, It seems like we do this every year with the Raiders. We all expect it to be their “breakout” year, but it just never happens. I think Derek Carr is good — just not as good as everyone thinks. And with my luck, after writing this, he will probably go out there week one and have the game of his life and completely put me to shame. That being said, the Saints’ offensive line is what concerns me about this one. Just imagining Khalil Mack lining up across from Zack Strief makes me sick to my stomach. But Sean Payton is no dummy. I imagine the game plan will revolve around getting the ball out of Brees’ hands as quick as possible. I expect to see a lot of quick slants, three-step-drops and Sean Payton’s favorite – SCREENS!

I think the defense will surprise people in this game. Delvin Breaux will most likely be matched up with second-year WR Amari Cooper, which is an excellent match-up to keep your eyes on. PJ Williams will probably be tasked with keeping up with Michael Crabtree, that should also be a good match-up and a good learning experience for Williams.

As long as the defense can get after Carr just a little bit, I think the Saints take this one.

  • Final score: Saints 31 Raiders 20

This should be a great game!

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