Saints’ McCray sorry for comments after DUI stop

New Orleans Saints defensive end Bobby McCray issued a written

apology on Wednesday concerning disparaging comments he made on a

social networking Web site about the officer that arrested him

after a traffic stop this week.

In the statement released by the EAG sports management agency in

California, McCray said he regretted that private messages about

his arrest were unintentionally posted on Twitter.

“I have respect for the men and women who serve the New Orleans

Police Department and I never meant to convey otherwise,” the

statement said. “My attorneys are now handling the matter and I

have faith that the legal process will rectify the situation in my


By Wednesday afternoon, McCray’s Twitter page had been taken

down. However, a series of comments posted earlier included a

reference to the arresting officer being a “short guy with a

Napoleon complex” who got angry when McCray asked why he’d been

ordered out of the car for a routine traffic stop. In another

comment, McCray stated he was pulled over for “DWP,” or “Driving

with pizza.”

McCray went on to call the charges “bogus” and claims he was

not drunk. He also said he and his fiancee were on their way home

and that she was feeding him some pizza as he drove.

Police have said McCray refused to take a breathalyzer test,

which under Louisiana law can result in a one-year suspension of

one’s driver’s license.

The traffic stop occurred about 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday. McCray was

booked with driving while intoxicated, speeding, careless operation

of a vehicle and not having his registration. He was released a few

hours later.

The Saints returned to practice on Wednesday after taking

Tuesday off as usual. McCray did not practice, but head coach Sean

Payton said it was because he had a sore back.

Payton said the team would not discipline McCray at this


“There’s a league protocol and it shifts to the league and

we’ll follow the process and gather the information,” Payton said.

“Given that we’re just two days removed from it, there are still a

number of steps to be taken.”

McCray was not available when the Saints’ locker room was opened

to reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

McCray is in his sixth NFL season out of Florida. He’s been

credited with 10 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks in 15 games this