S Pollard part of Titans’ new aggressive attitude

New Titans safety Bernard Pollard promises that Tennessee’s

revamped defense will be aggressive and ready to play what he calls

”smack you in the mouth” football.

If one player fights, Pollard sees a team where all fight. If

one coach goes through something, they all do. And whatever is said

inside the Titans’ building remains among the ”brotherhood.”

”What happens here, what you hear here, stays here,” Pollard

said Tuesday.

That’s part of an all-for-one mindset that is the last piece of

fixing a Tennessee defense that gave up a franchise-worst 471

points. The Titans have been busy all offseason with moves that

included giving Gregg Williams his first job as a senior defensive

assistant after serving a yearlong suspension for his role in the

New Orleans’ bounty scandal. They also signed veterans like Pollard

to add winning experience and nasty attitude to the mix.

Now they’re busy learning the new defense during the team’s

offseason program, a defense Pollard said will be aggressive from

the beginning.

”If a guy coming across the middle, if a guy come up to you, if

a guy wants to pick a fight, we as a defense we’re going to fight

and we’re going to ask questions later,” Pollard said. ”We’re not

going to worry about what happened at that point. I’m not worried.

The guy has an opposite jersey on so we’re going to fight


That’s the kind of swagger the Titans need after going 6-10 in

2012 giving up an average 29.4 points per game. That included 55

touchdowns – most in the NFL. But because they also ranked near the

bottom in several other defensive categories, the Titans also need

to back up the tough talk.

To get it done, Tennessee signed five veterans to add winning

experience, and Pollard is coming off a Super Bowl win with the

Baltimore Ravens. The Titans will be learning new defensive schemes

during the offseason program. Pollard, who signed a one-year deal,

said he was attracted by all the young talent on this roster.

”You see the direction that coach (Mike) Munchak wants to go,”

Pollard said. ”You see what he’s been trying to do the last few

years, and I truly believe they’re right there on the edge. Now …

they added some veteran guys, they added some guys in the draft to

help this team, to help this team be better.”

The Titans also signed safety George Wilson after he was cut by

Buffalo along with defensive end Ropati Pitoitua from Kansas City

and tackle Sammie Hill from Detroit along with linebacker Moise

Fokou from Indianapolis.

But it was Pollard who played on the hard-hitting Baltimore

defense with the likes of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and the player

helping set the aggression tone for Tennessee. The 6-foot-1,

225-pound Pollard helped the Ravens earn that Super Bowl berth with

his helmet-to-helmet hit on New England running back Stevan Ridley,

forcing a crucial fumble in the fourth quarter. He already is

slotted opposite free safety Michael Griffin on the early depth


As a linebacker, Akeem Ayers is looking forward to having the

backup of a safety making tackles, cover and bring an intimidation


”He knows what it takes to get there,” Ayers said of Pollard.

”He knows what a winning team looks like so us as young guys, we

pretty much only know one thing and we’re trying to flip the

culture here. We’re trying to change the way we play defense, our

mindset and all that. He’s definitely somebody we can look to to

guide us in that right direction.”

So the Titans have Pollard helping set the tone on the field

with Williams filling the meeting rooms with energy and passion.

This is Pollard’s first experience working with Williams, someone

that reminds the safety of Lions defensive coordinator Gunther

Cunningham. Pollard played for Cunningham in Kansas City at the

start of his career. Pollard says Williams has the bigger

personality, though the edge seems to be the talkative safety

stopped cursing a few years ago.

Pollard can’t wait to start playing in this defense.

”It’s straight to the point,” Pollard said. ”There’s no

hiding. You can’t hide … in this defense so it’s going to be a

lot of fun.”

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