Ryan Fitzpatrick will not lose job to Geno Smith

After the game between the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, there will be uproar to get a new quarterback in there.  However, Gang Green proved that he will only get taken out if he’s hurt or when Bryce Petty is available.

When the New York Jets re-signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, it was a one-year, $12M deal.  They were obviously stuck in no man’s land, because he was the only quarterback available.  Unfortunately for the Jets, at least in their minds, he was a better option than anyone on the roster.

In fact, both were true.  So they had to pony up the money to get Fitzpatrick into camp.  With that said, they made a deal that they have to live with for the entire season.

Fitzpatrick was coming off the game of his life.  He was 24-34 for 374 yards, one touchdown and a passer rating of 116.5 against the Buffalo Bills.  However, he followed that up with the worst game of his NFL career.  Against the Kansas City Chiefs, he was 20-44 for 188 yards, zero touchdowns, six interceptions and a passer rating of 18.1.

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It’s clear that the coaching staff is giving Fitzpatrick all the rope he can possibly hold.  He’s being given more rope than he deserves at his talent level.

It’s clearly due to the $12M contract the Jets gave to him during the offseason.  No other quarterback in the NFL would get that kind of rope.

The Jets were still in the game when he threw his third interception, and at that point it was clear that Fitzpatrick was on the verge of disaster.  That was the point to take him out, and still give the team a chance to win.

Undoubtedly, the Jets will clearly remove Fitzpatrick if he gets hurt.  It’s also clear that they don’t trust quarterback  Geno Smith, because after the third interception, and second of the fourth quarter, they should have taken him out.

The contract was a result of having nowhere else to turn.

Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs was a total team effort.  The coaching was bad.  The defense was bad, and the offense was bad.  It was a rather forgettable game in the grand scheme of things.

However, Fitzpatrick deserves more of the blame than anyone else.  Five of his six interceptions came in the fourth quarter, while the Jets were only down by two scores.  He just couldn’t find a way to stop the avalanche.

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