Ryan Fitzpatrick should still be starting quarterback

Even after an abysmal six-interception showing from New York Jets starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, there’s no need for a change heading into Week 4.

Things are awkward for the New York Jets heading into Week 4. Starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming off of a six-interception performance, and, needless to say, the MetLife faithful aren’t happy.

Well, can you blame them?

New York Giants fans definitely weren’t happy with Eli Manning‘s multiple five-interception outings. Indianapolis Colts fans weren’t jumping for joy when Peyton Manning threw four picks during the 2006-07 AFC Championship Game. Even Green Bay Packers fans were seriously cheesed whenever Brett Favre randomly decided to flip the switch from gunslinger to turnover machine.

Every quarterback in the NFL is a human being. Multi-million dollar checks don’t change that. However, as with any employee, if you don’t show up to work, your job is in jeopardy. And unfortunately, last Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, Fitzmagic didn’t show up.

Hence fans are in panic mode, weighing their options.

The go-to move in such a situation is usually to give the backup a shot. So, why not throw in Geno Smith, right?

Yes, some fans are legitimately asking that question.

Despite Smith racking up over 40 turnovers in just two full seasons of play, let’s not overlook his 11-18 career record as a starting quarterback, either.

Or how he was booed out of the stadium this preseason due to erratic throws and no sign of overall progression.

Jets fans, please take a deep breath. Gang Green is 1-2, not 1-14.

There are 13 games left in the 2016 NFL regular season, and the Jets have the personnel to turn it around.

Like the Giants did with Eli, the Colts did with Peyton, and the Packers did with Brett, let Fitzpatrick earn his money. His $12 million.

Give him an opportunity to win back the collective respect of the Jets fanbase. Whether that take a single game or a handful.

Fitzpatrick doesn’t deserve to ride the pine after one embarrassing start. Just don’t make this a habit, Fitz.

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