Ryan Fitzpatrick should not start again in 2016 for Jets

The New York Jets still don’t have a clear answer as to who should start in Week 12 against the New England Patriots. Make no mistake about, Ryan Fitzpatrick should not start again at all this season.

As of late, the New York Jets are just as confused at the quarterback position like many fans are these days. They decided to start quarterback Bryce Petty in Week 10 against the Los Angeles Rams and while he did alright, there is still an opportunity for Ryan Fitzpatrick to return under center. The bearded one, nursing a knee injury, continues to amaze many as he’s still even in the conversation of starting for the Jets again.

The Jets are in a very dark place so far this season. At 3-7 entering their Week 11 bye, things aren’t looking too good for a franchise that horribly failed this season. All that hope and optimism generated from 2015 has been replaced with disappointment and sadness.

It’s the same old Jets and well, going back to Fitzpatrick is the kind of decision fans would expect to happen with this franchise. Instead of doing the right thing that is common sense, they want to head backward.

Starting Fitzpatrick does absolutely nothing this season. He’s as good as gone after all is said and done this season and he couldn’t possibly give the Jets a better chance to win football games over a younger quarterback. Even if Fitzpatrick is able to muster up another win or two, it really won’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

If the Jets are dumb enough to go back to Fitzpatrick, it would take away precious snaps from Petty and even hinder his progression. As a possible future franchise quarterback, Petty needs as much experience and offensive plays as possible. He could be the answer the Jets have been looking for and since 2016 will go down as a waste of a year, the Jets should keep starting Petty until their final game this season. It wouldn’t even hurt to give rookie quarterback Christian Hackenberg a game or two starting to get game film on him for the future.

The Jets should permanently bench Fitzpatrick once and for all, keep him as a backup and continue to let Petty develop in regular season games. Throwing Fitzpatrick back out there will pretty much guarantee Petty taking a step back and maybe going for an NFL record of most interceptions thrown in a single season by a quarterback.

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