Russell Wilson joins team working to brink back Sonics

Russell Wilson announced that has joined with Chris Hansen to help brings the Sonics back to Seattle. Reports include that he is a financial partner with the investment group.

The effort to bring the Seattle Supersonics back to Seattle just picked up an unexpected new partner. Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has partnered with Chris Hansen and the group trying to build a new arena in SoDo.

This is a massive boost for the effort that has run into considerable political roadblocks. Wilson gives the group a new “front man” to help sway public opinion and get the city council on board with the project.

There’s been some reluctance to embrace Hansen by the council. It’ll be much tougher for them to say no to Seattle’s charismatic QB than it was for the hedge fund manager.

Wilson’s involvement is more than just a pitch-man. He’s a financial partner who his investing his money into the project. Wilson has said that after his playing days are over that he’d like to be an owner. Perhaps this is the 1st step in that process.

The issue of the arena has been in the news again lately because Hansen’s team volunteered to remove all city financing from the project. The only issue left to resolve is the street vacation of part of Occidental Ave.

For some reason, the Council decided months ago that an alley behind a strip club was more important than close to a billion dollars of private investment into the city. Now they’ll be asked to vote on it again, but this time the stakes have changed.

The last thing any elected official in Seattle wants to do is upset Seahawks fans. We’re a powerful and numerous group, and we aren’t likely to re-elect someone who told Russell Wilson no, when he asks to help improve our city.

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