Russell Okung didn’t guarantee any money in his self-negotiated contract

Russell Okung managed to angle himself $53 million from the Broncos, which is a lot of money considering he sat down at the bargaining table without an agent. The only problem is that Okung’s $53 million isn’t really $53 million because not a single penny of it is guaranteed. 

See, every year after Okung’s first in Denver is a team option. So provided Okung stays healthy– which is a stretch for any professional football player, let alone an offensive tackle– the Broncos can send him packing at any time for any reason, and they won’t have to eat any extra money. On top of team options, that fuzzy $53 million also has a lot of incentive-based pay built into it, so basically, Okung didn’t do a very good job. 

via Pro Football Talk

But it’s not even a $5 million deal for one year. He has a $1 million workout bonus, a $2 million base salary, and a $2 million roster bonus tied to being on the 53-man roster for any one game. So, basically, the Broncos are giving Okung $1 million to participate in the offseason program, with an option before Week One to pay him another $4 million to actually play for them in 2016.

It looks like Okung has learned absolutely nothing since that risible holdout six years ago. There just aren’t enough people following the Tao of DJ Khaled.