Rudd to pay 10 percent of income for child support

Former NFL linebacker Dwayne Rudd has been ordered to pay 10 percent of his income for failing to pay more than $540,000 in child support.

U.S. District Court Judge John Nixon gave Rudd a five-year suspended sentence Monday as recommended by prosecutors.

Because Rudd’s income has changed substantially, he will return to court later after Nixon pinpoints how much back support he owes.

Rudd had been ordered to pay $7,500 per month and he hasn’t paid anything since 2004, with the exception $10,000 he had been planning on paying for another child.

Rudd may be best known for costing Cleveland a win against Kansas City in 2002 because he tossed his helmet in the closing seconds. A penalty was called, setting up the Chief’s game-winning field goal.