Roger Goodell Booed Mercilessly By Patriots Fans After Super Bowl (Video)

Roger Goodell was booed so loudly by New England Patriots fans during the Super Bowl trophy presentation that you couldn’t hear him speak.

If the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51, there was one moment that fans on every side were looking to see. After the entire Deflategate debacle that cost Tom Brady the first four games of the regular season, NFL Commissioner turning the Lombardi Trophy over to the Patriots—whoever it was to—was going to be horrifically awkward. And sure enough, the Pats fans in attendance in Houston made sure of that.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was the one receiving the trophy during the presentation. However, Goodell wanted to say a few words of congratulations before relinquishing the hardware. He tried to do so, at least.

As soon as Goodell stepped up to the microphone, the boos from the Patriots fans rained down upon the commissioner. It was loud, it was thunderous, and it was enough to not be able to hear what Goodell was even saying. In essence, it was the exact thing you’d expect from Patriots fans in that moment—and what the commish probably deserved:

Just for good measure, Kraft made sure to throw some shade the way of the commissioner as well after accepting the trophy, mentioning Deflategate without actually saying it.

Patriots fans have every reason to be angry at Roger Goodell as Deflategate was a glorified witch hunt that was grossly mishandled by the commissioner. Even so, they now have their fifth Super Bowl win under Brady and Bill Belichick. So I doubt they’ll be complaining too much—even if the boos don’t stop for quite some time.

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