Robert Kraft, Roger Goodell spotted together at conference

If one photo is any indication, the relationship between Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell is alive and well.

The New England Patriots owner and NFL commissioner both were in attendance at an annual media and tech conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, which attracts some of the biggest billionaires and moguls in the country. CNBC reporter Jess Golden has proof, as she snapped the following photo of Kraft and Goodell taking a nice stroll together Wednesday.

We wonder how that conversation went.

Kraft and Goodell were at odds for several months over the commissioner’s handling of Deflategate, which resulted in heavy penalties for the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady. One owner even said in early May that their relationship was “pretty much dead.”

Their rift appeared to dissipate at the NFL Spring Meeting, though. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Kraft and Goodell spoke at length and even hugged it out at the San Francisco meeting, and Kraft announced shortly after that he wouldn’t fight the NFL’s disciplinary ruling.

The Deflategate saga still isn’t over, as Goodell has yet to rule on Tom Brady’s appeal of his four-game suspension. While Kraft obviously will be unhappy if any sort of punishment sticks, it appears he’s still not ready to burn any bridges with the most powerful man in the league.

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