Rob Gronkowski wears awesome suit to Kentucky Derby

Rob Gronkowski made a loud statement with his Kentucky Derby wardrobe.
Danny Amendola on Twitter

By Darren Hartwell

If you saw photos of Rob Gronkowski from the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, they shouldn't surprise you.

After all, this is Rob Gronkowski we’re talking about, and this is the Kentucky Derby, the site of some of the most bizarre wardrobe choices you’ll see.

But that doesn’t make the New England Patriots tight end’s getup any less awesome. Ahead of the 141st annual Run for the Roses, Gronk showed up at Churchill Downs with his Patriots teammates looking like – ell, just see for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Tom Brady and the boys were spotted on the tarmac Friday, and Julian Edelman stood out with some fashionable Zubaz pants. But not even Edelman or the GQ model himself could top Gronkowski on Saturday.

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