Rob Ford: Changing the Redskins’ name would be ‘ridiculous’

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has already started offering his sports opinions, and he isn't shying away from controversy.

via Twitter: @CorkGaines

Apparently, Rob Ford isn’t afraid to wade into sports-related controversies either.

The Toronto mayor has been under heat in recent weeks after admitting to smoking crack, and he’s also been the object of some chuckles for showing his sports enthusiasm in rather entertaining ways. So it makes sense that, rather than continuing to govern as he did before the rash of attention brought by his drug admission, he has now added to his responsibilities a weekly radio spot talking about sports.

As news of his radio appearances came out Wednesday, Ford got a little ahead of himself and offered his first hot sports take in the form of an opinion on the name of Washington’s pro football team — a situation that has itself been the subject of plenty of controversy. Critics say "Redskins" is an insulting term. Rob Ford clearly does not agree.

"To me, that’s ridiculous," Ford said of the Redskins possibly changing their name, according to the National Post. "What are we going to call the Cleveland Indians? The Cleveland Aboriginals? Where do we start? The ‘Skins are the ‘Skins, and I stick with the Washington Redskins."

Ford’s chief of staff said the mayor’s first appearance on the radio program was slated for 8:40 on Thursday morning — which is nice because that’s well before Ford normally gets to work.

Using crack, talking sports, not rolling into work until after your side gig — any other volunteers for the Toronto mayor job?

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