Martin sent Incognito a ‘murder’ meme

In his interview with Jay Glazer on "FOX NFL Sunday," Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito responded to claims that he had bullied teammate Jonathan Martin by offering up a new claim of his own that Martin himself had sent threatening messages during their communications over the past few months.

The eighth-year vet then highlighted one text message in particular, stating that a week before "all this went down" he received a text from the rookie Martin that said, "I will murder your whole effing family."

Incognito suggested that this added some background to the type of relationship the two had, seemingly implying that his texts — which included racial epithets and threats against Martin and his family — were just par for the course.

"Did I think Jonathan would murder my family? Not one bit," Incognito said. "I knew it was coming from a brother, coming from a friend, coming from a teammate. That puts into context how we communicate with each other."

But then Martin’s attorney, David Cornwell, provided even more context, taking to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to share what he says was the text Incognito was referring to:

The photo is a take on a popular Internet meme.