Richard Sherman shows off his jersey collection

Jersey swaps have become commonplace in the NFL, with the league’s stars following the lead of soccer players and trading uniforms after games. 

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman tweeted a photo of a few of his jerseys on Wednesday. It’s highly impressive. 

Sherman’s collection includes jerseys from Charles Woodson, Tom Brady, Calvin Johnson, Patrick Peterson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Martellus Bennett, Demarius Thomas, DeSean Jackson, Robert Quinn and Jonathan Stewart. Presumably his Michael Crabtree jersey is in storage. 

But wait! Richard says there’s more to come. I’m having a hard time imagining which jerseys made the wall if the signed Tom Brady jersey didn’t make the cut. 

If you think Sherman’s jersey collection is impressive, check out Lionel Messi’s. He has an entire room dedicated to it. 

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