Richard Sherman had a massive, wild meltdown on Seattle’s sideline

The last time we heard a Richard Sherman meltdown, it was of the celebratory and validating variety, as he shouted through an interview with Erin Andrews after a Seahawks victory in the NFC championship game. Sherman had a tantrum of a different variety on Sunday, shouting at and shoving teammates, getting into six-inch stare downs and huffing and puffing like he’d just heard someone compliment Michael Crabtree. It was likely the biggest and most high-profile sideline breakdown the NFL has seen this year. (Your move, Odell.)

It all came after a rare miscommunication in the Seahawks secondary, one which freed up Julio Jones for a 36-yard touchdown pass that got the Atlanta Falcons back in their NFC showdown in Seattle.

After the play, Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard shouted at Sherman, who didn’t take kindly to the likely suggestion that the collapse on the Jones play was Sherman’s fault. The three-time All-Pro corner instantly ignited, slamming his helmet to the turf and getting in his coach’s face. Coach Pete Carroll had to intervene, eventually breaking up the Sherman-vs.-Richard battle, but Sherman stayed agitated and screamed at various teammates, including Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas and, in the most heated exchange, Kam Chancellor.

Later, Thomas helped Sherman calm down, then the defense surrounded their leader in what looked like a pregame huddle, jumping up and down in an obvious attempt to rid the sideline of the bad blood.

The Seahawks would give up another passing touchdown on the next possession. That time, nobody melted down, but they probably should have.