Where will RG3 be in 2016? 7 potential landing spots once he gets released by Redskins

As we settle into the normal February lull without NFL, it’s time to do what we do best: Speculate on 2016 quarterback situations.

Given the fact that Robert Griffin III passed his exit physical last week, and left a heartwarming note that all but ensures he’ll have a new place to call home next year, we’ll take a look now at the top seven potential landing spots he could end up.

1. Dallas Cowboys

The thought would have been that Johnny Manziel could end up here, but the likelihood of that is fading. Manziel may not end up anywhere next season once he’s cut probably by the Browns, but that aside, the Dallas Cowboys need a young backup quarterback behind Tony Romo, who will turn 36 in April. After breaking his collarbone twice last season and playing in just three games, it was painfully evident the Cowboys need to groom or find a replacement for Romo. RG3 could spend a year or two behind Romo (another mobile QB), learning from Jason Garrett (a head coach who used to be a QB), and one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

Tony Romo didn’t spend much time on the field in 2015.

2. Houston Texans

There may be no more glaring example of a team that could have made a Super Bowl run if they had a decent quarterback. The numbers didn’t look terrible on the surface, with Brian Hoyer throwing 19 touchdown passes and seven interceptions in the regular season. But the revolving door with Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Mallett and TJ Yates didn’t give the Texans much stability. It all came to a head when the Texans imploded in the playoffs, suffering a 30-0 defeat at home in which Hoyer threw for just 136 yards and four interceptions. It would also prove to be a homecoming for RG3, who played his college ball at Baylor, which is in Waco, Texas.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer may not be back with the Houston Texans.  

3. San Francisco 49ers

You’re probably thinking, "Why would Chip Kelly want RG3 if he has Colin Kaepernick already on his roster?" Well, Kelly stopped short of endorsing Kaepernick at his introductory press conference, and whether Kelly wants to admit it or not, his offense needs a mobile QB to be most effective. Plus, check out this praise Kelly had for RG3 back in Dec. 2014. "Is he athletic? Yeah. And if you sleep on that guy, trust me, you guys will be sitting here after the game going, ‘Boy, he went for 100 yards against you, how did that happen?’ If Kaepernick gets the boot, this leads us to believe it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Would Chip Kelly prefer RG3 or Colin Kaepernick?

4. Cleveland Browns

New head coach Hue Jackson has proven to work wonders with quarterbacks and offenses. With Jackson as their offensive coordinator, the Bengals had the NFL’s sixth-best rushing attack in 2014 and the seventh-best scoring offense in 2015. Andy Dalton had the highest passer rating of his career (106.3) and fewest interceptions as a starter (7) this season with 25 touchdowns. The Browns could go shopping for a QB in the draft, but if they land RG3, it gives them the chance to fill one of their many positions of need.

Cleveland Browns new head coach Hue Jackson will be in the market for a new QB soon.

5. Denver Broncos

In the here’s-how-you-get-leverage-department, the champs are likely trying to play a bit of cat-and-mouse here. Assuming Peyton Manning exits stage right, Brock Osweiler (5-2 as a starter last season) will be the next man up if he can ink a solid deal. That said, with a ferocious defense in Denver, if Osweiler’s price tag is too high, RG3 could find a nice soft landing spot in the Mile High city.

Could Brock Osweiler be looking over his shoulder at RG3?

6. Los Angeles Rams

Forever on a search for a quarterback, the Rams couldn’t have been happy with Nick Foles last season. Foles’s seven touchdown passes and 10 interceptions in 11 games were not what a team with a playoff-caliber defense had in mind when they shipped Sam Bradford to Philly. The most ironic part of this marriage would be that the Redskins shipped a boatload of picks to the Rams to move up to the No. 2 spot in the 2012 draft to able to get Griffin, so him actually signing with the Rams would bring this story full circle.

Jeff Fisher and the Rams are moving to Los Angeles and are hoping to find a QB on the way.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

This scenario depends on if new head coach Doug Pederson likes Sam Bradford or not. Bradford is a free agent and may come with a lofty price tag. As the Chiefs offensive coordinator from 2013-15, Pederson helped guide Kansas City to a 31-17 regular-season record and playoff appearances in 2013 and 2015. Pederson is credited with developing quarterback Alex Smith, a former No. 1 overall pick by San Francisco. Under Pederson’s guidance, Smith had three consecutive 3,000-yard seasons, threw the second-fewest interceptions among quarterbacks with more than 1,000 attempts (20) and ranked fourth among all quarterbacks with 1,183 yards rushing. RG3 could be a much cheaper option than Bradford.

New Eagles Doug Pederson may need a new QB.  


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