‘Horrible day for the Ryan family’

Knowing the hilarious anguish that was spread across Rob Ryan‘s face on Sunday, it’s hard to think anyone could have felt worse when Tom Brady led the Patriots down the field and beat the Saints’ defense in the final seconds of New England’s win.

But Ryan’s brother, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, is the king of hyperbole and one-uppers. So of course he thinks the loss was worse for him.

“That was a horrible day for the Ryan family,” Ryan said on ESPN radio on Sunday, when the Jets also lost to the Steelers. “… I feel terrible for my brother, but definitely felt worse for us. That’s the truth. There’s no question that’s the truth.”

Rex Ryan’s Jets are playing the Patriots this Sunday. Ryan wasn’t quite ready to call the matchup a “must-win,” but he did say it would be nice if Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski could rehab another week rather than returning.

The rematch is a tall task for New York, which already lost to New England in Week 2 — which is partly why Rex Ryan was hoping his brother could help.

“Heck yeah, you want to see [the Patriots] lose,” he said. “You want every team in your division to lose, in particular New England, of course.”

Rob Ryan was beside himself after Brady’s drive, although he did a pretty good job in the second half of containing the Patriots’ offense. Rex Ryan was asked whether he’d look to his brother to get some tips for going against New England the second time out.

“I’ve played against him more than he has,” Rex Ryan said. “… Trust me, if there’s any tip by now, he’s given me everything. But will I check with him again? Of course. Absolutely.”

Be sure to tell him how much the loss stung, Rex.