Ryan, Sanchez both flubbed Jet mess?

It’s been a tough offseason for Rex Ryan.

The New York Jets coach has tangled with the local press, maybe possibly had a rift with team brass, had people call for his job, had Randy Moss call him "embarrassing" and got chased by bulls in Spain (though that appears to be voluntary).

Most recently, Ryan made a controversial decision during Saturday’s preseason game that resulted in his presumptive starting quarterback getting injured.

That was a hot topic on Monday’s FOX Sports Live. Panelist Ephraim Salaam had some strong views on the situation — and no one was safe.

"I would’ve had much more respect for Rex if he would’ve came out and said, ‘I blew it,’" Salaam said.

Ryan replaced rookie Geno Smith with Sanchez in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game against the Giants, a move that didn’t sit well with many critics.

"If you go to Tom Brady or if you go to Peyton Manning or any other starting quarterback in the league and in the fourth quarter of a preseason game with the third- or fourth-string offensive line in there and tell them to go out there, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy."

Sanchez ended up leaving the game with a shoulder injury after taking a hard hit behind the less experienced players. He is considered day-to-day.

Did Sanchez do the right thing by obeying his coach’s wishes?

"No, he didn’t do the right thing," Salaam said. "As a player, you have to protect yourself first."

Fellow FOX Sports Live panelist Donovan McNabb agreed with Salaam’s take.

"There’s no explanation," McNabb said, later adding, "I wouldn’t have went in either … We have two other quarterbacks battling for a roster spot. Why can’t you put them in the game?"

The Jets’ final preseason game — required viewing, at this point — is Thursday vs. the Eagles.