Rex Ryan has gained 30 pounds since brother Rob joined the Bills

Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

It isn't exactly clear if it's causation or correlation, but Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has gained 30 pounds since his twin bother Rob joined the Bills in January as the “Assistant Head Coach/Defense.”

But together they're making an effort to cut down on the “measurables,” to borrow a football term. ESPN's Elizabeth Merrill reported in a feature on the Ryan brothers that the 53-year-olds take regular half-hour nature walks together that they've dubbed their “Huck Finn walk.”

In 2012 when Rex was the New York Jets head coach, he underwent lap-band surgery, which helped him drop 130 pounds after he nearly reached 350.

Bills fans also spotted the Ryan brothers cruising around town on a tandem bicycle in June for a grocery store commercial. It was mostly for entertainment purposes but every little bit of exercise counts.