Report: Rob Ryan interviewing for Redskins

Former Buffalo Bills assistant head coach to brother Rex Ryan is now interviewing for the Redskins defensive coordinator job.

Rob Ryan is interviewing for the Redskins defensive coordinator job today, per Ian Rapoport.

How Ryan continues to get hired and have job offers is a mystery to me. Ryan is a career defensive coordinator, but has only commanded a top 10 defense in yards or points allowed twice, despite being an NFL defensive coordinator for 12 years.

You almost wonder if the family name influences Rob’s opportunities in the NFL. Rob Ryan’s father, Buddy Ryan, is one of the most influential defensive minds in NFL history. He commanded one of the best defenses in NFL history in the 1985 Chicago Bears, and pioneered the “46” defense.

Rob Ryan, however, been fired from four defensive coordinator jobs, yet still after each firing pops up somewhere else. Ryan has rarely improved a defense that had troubles prior to his hiring, and in the rare occasion he does, it often drops off fast. The four-time defensive coordinator has commanded seven defenses, SEVEN, that have ranked 25th or lower in points or yards.

Ryan is hardly a pioneer of defense his father was, and this would be a name for the Redskins to avoid. He’s often made more defenses decline than actually get better. He also commanded a Saints defense in 2015 that was one of the worst ever.

This is also a big reason why Rob Ryan has never been a head coach, instead bouncing from defensive coordinator job, to defensive coordinator job the last seven years. The Redskins would be wise to let Ryan go, and not make the mistake that many other NFL teams have.

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