Report: Oakland Raiders player investigated for taunting police dog

An Oakland Raiders linebacker is reportedly under investegation for egging on a police dog.

Kirby Lee/Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

By Larry Brown

An Oakland Raiders player is under investigation for allegedly taunting a police dog at Heinz Field last Sunday when the Raiders were in town to face the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to a report.

There apparently is video of the incident, which occurred in a tunnel at the stadium as the Raiders were taking the field. The Raiders have been notified about the investigation.

“We were immediately notified about the incident, and we immediately initiated a criminal investigation into the matter," Chief Deputy Krauss said in a statement via KDKA. "Sheriff’s Office supervisors interviewed witnesses and reviewed video surveillance recordings at Heinz Field. We notified the District Attorney’s Office on Sunday. The Sheriff’s Office is currently reviewing all of the information and reports to make a final determination relating to charges."

Taunting a police K-9 is a third-degree felony.

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