Report: NFL to keep touchbacks at 25-yard line for another year

The NFL made an interesting change last season, moving kickoff touchbacks up to the 25-yard line. The goal was to reduce the number of kickoffs that would be returned, enticing teams to kneel in the end zone and take the extra 5 yards.

The result was exactly what the league had hoped would happen as kickoff returns were reduced, thus also limiting the number of high-speed collisions that can occur on the gridiron. Because it was deemed a success, the NFL is reportedly keeping the rule for at least one more year.

When the rule was announced, some believed it would have an adverse effect on concussions. Teams discussed doing more pooch kicks, and kickoffs that landed just short of the goal line, forcing teams to return it rather than kneeling down and getting the ball at the 25.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case as teams still continued to boot the ball through the back of the end zone. This is just the latest move the NFL has made to improve player safety and reduce the number of concussions that occur.