Report: NFL To Clear Path For Oakland Raiders To Move To Las Vegas

According to multiple reports, the NFL is clearing the way for the Oakland Raiders to relocate to Las Vegas.

The news story that never ends — The Oakland Raiders stadium relocation. After months of back and forth reporting — including Mark Davis and Adelson not getting along, and then eventually making up — the latest updates say that a move to Las Vegas is indeed likely.

The NFL’s Stadium and Finance Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, January 11, with the stadium relocations of both the Raiders and the San Diego Chargers being the primary topics.

In the meeting, it is expected that the Chargers will ask for either help or more time — or both — to make it work in San Diego. While Mark Davis will push full-steam ahead to Vegas. And it seems as if that is what the NFL will allow to happen, if the latest updates are accurate.

Jim Trotter, ESPN:

Jason Cole, Bleacher Report:

Mark Maske, Washington Post:

In October, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that a vote on the relocation may not come until mid-2017, so we’ll find out soon if that has changed or not.

The latest reports before this had said that Dean Spanos is prepared to move the Chargers to Los Angeles. So him requesting more time/help to stay in San Diego would be a sudden change. This is important to the Raiders because the Chargers have first dibs on L.A. and if they don’t exercise that option, then Oakland could be given that opportunity.

We’ll find out more soon.

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