Report: Kromer’s alleged victim was much smaller than him

The minor that Aaron Kromer allegedly punched was much smaller than him.
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

By Steve DelVecchio

Buffalo Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 12 after he was arrested for allegedly punching a minor and threatening to kill his family last weekend. Apparently Kromer will have to explain to judge why he not only hit a minor, but one who was nowhere near the 48-year-old’s size.

While the age of the alleged victim has not been released, a public information officer told Mike Rodak of on Wednesday that the boy is 5-foot-8 and 140 pounds. Kromer, who played football at Miami (Ohio) University in the 1980s, is 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds.

Even if the victim and his friends used Kromer’s beach chairs without permission, that’s going to make the excuse Kromer was planning to use incredibly hard to believe.

More than a few people have pointed out that “kid” and “minor” can be relative terms. We’ve had plenty of readers commenting that “minors can be pretty big.” They certainly can be, but this one wasn’t — at least in relation to Kromer.

The Bills have placed Kromer on indefinite paid administrative leave. Don’t be surprised if he loses his job.

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