Report: Browns front-runners to be on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be the next NFL team featured on HBO's acclaimed series "Hard Knocks".
Rob Carr / Getty Images

By NESN staff.

The next installment of “Hard Knocks” might be “The Johnny Football Show.”

The Cleveland Browns reportedly are the “front-runners” to be the subject of HBO’s NFL preseason documentary series, per the Buffalo News’ Vic Carucci. The Browns were one of the nine teams eligible to be forced to appear on the show.

While Cleveland doesn’t exactly have a star-studded roster, there’s no doubt they’ll have some interesting preseason storylines. The Browns have plenty of newcomers — like wide receivers Brian Hartline and Dwayne Bowe and quarterback Josh McCown, to name a few — as well as backup quarterback Johnny Manziel, who draws attention wherever he goes.

The NFL can compel teams to be on “Hard Knocks” if they failed to make the playoffs in the past two seasons, weren’t on the show in the last 10 years or don’t have a new head coach. However, any team can voluntarily appear on the series.

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