Report: Bengals unhappy with Terrelle Pryor’s Tweets

The Bengals are upset Terrelle Pryor posted pictures and video of minicamp after he was released from the team.
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

By Cameron Duval

Reports have come in that former-Bengals backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who was waived by the team last week, took to Twitter to share some vital information.

According to ESPN Staff Writer Coley Harvey, Pryor posted images, including video, of the Bengals recent minicamp, but within an hour of posting, he deleted them from Twitter.

Since his release, Pryor was picked up by the Cleveland Browns in hopes of making a position change to receiver.

Which makes this story all the more interesting, posting footage that could offer a sneak peek to a team within the same division. To say the least, members of the Bengals organization were unhappy with the fact that he would offer up valuable information, after giving him a chance to crack their roster.

The Twitter saga caught the Bengals by surprise.

A team source told ESPN, “I haven’t been around another player who has done that. By no means did we think a player would do something like that.”

Throughout Bengals OTAs and minicamp, Pryor never boosted himself up the depth chart enough for the team to keep him around.

With AJ McCarron showcasing his skills, the distance between the No. 2 backup and the rest of them only increased.

The only chance for Pryor to make the team would have come as the No.3 quarterback, behind Andy Dalton and McCarron, but veteran backup Josh Johnson took over that spot.

This is a worrisome issue for teams in the future that are willing to give him a shot. The team source again said, “If I’m [another team], I have to think hard about signing him or else he might give out valuable information of theirs, too.”

If the Browns end up releasing Pryor, will he pull the same stunt?

Training camp is just weeks away and with this mishap on his record, this could prove to be something of consideration for the Browns.

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