Reggie Bush raves about new OC Geep Chryst

New 49ers DC Geep Chryst hopes to open up the Niners offense this season. 

Kyle Terada/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush is excited about the upcoming season. One of the main reasons for his excitement is because of the Niners new offensive coordinator Geep Chryst. 

Bush told the 49ers official website that Chryst uses him in ways he feels comfortable. Bush says there will be a lot of chances for other players the way Chryst operates his offense.

“He brings a lot of energy to our offense and does well to get the most out of his players. He creates opportunities for a lot of guys. For me, it’s been great because he’s used me in a lot of ways that I’ve been used to doing in my career. It’s been really good and I like what I’m seeing, but we’re still hacking away at this thing.”

Bush is pleased with the way OTAs are progressing. Everyone seems to be motivated and willing to push each other.

“I like what I’m seeing so far. I think right now it’s still early so we’re still learning the new offensive system. Guys are working hard. Guys are focused. Guys are dedicated. That’s the most you can ask for during OTAs.”

(h/t San Francisco 49ers)