Redskins lineman Trent Murphy struggles to gain weight: ‘I hate eating’

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Eating is among the best things. I would even argue it is the best thing, at least in terms of consistency in payoff.

You get hungry. You eat. You feel relief and satisfaction. That is the cycle, but not the one Trent Murphy experienced this summer.

The Washington Redskins’ 270-pound linebacker/lineman told The Washington Post‘s Dan Steinberg about his efforts to gain 20 pounds before season’s start—a request the team made after asking him to shift down to the defensive line. It hasn’t been easy, according to Murphy.

I’m never hungry, so I’ve got to just open and close my mouth so I can swallow it.

Trent Murphy

"I hate eating," Murphy said. "It’s really hard. I’m never hungry, so I’ve got to just open and close my mouth so I can swallow it. So it’s miserable.

"Everyone is like, ‘Oh, I’m so envious of you, you get to eat everything you want.’ Like I wish I could eat that."

Nope, Murphy doesn’t get to eat whatever he wants. The Washington Times‘ Anthony Gulizia reported in May on the diet Murphy’s regimen has entailed. Some of the fare: beef, chicken, 10 different kinds of fish, venison, GROUND KANGAROO and ostrich.

Murphy says kangaroo doesn’t taste as exotic as it sounds.

"It’s supposed to be really good meat, but it’s really, really hard to find at Whole Foods," Murphy said. "It’s like they say: Everything tastes like chicken.

You’re just constantly force-feeding yourself.

Trent Murphy

"The toughest part is you’re never really hungry, so you’re just constantly force-feeding yourself, then supplementing with shakes between meals," Murphy wrote on his personal blog.

This is upsetting on multiple fronts, firstly because eating should be the No. 1 or 2 thing on your docket every day. It’s a perennial highlight. Even worse, though, this sad slog of mindless calories includes ground-up Kangaroo Jack. This is unacceptable.

The biggest gut punch, though, is Murphy is now losing the weight after being pushed back to linebacker. So all those Kangaroo Jack quesadillas he ate were mostly for nothing. At least this part has been easy for him, however.

"Getting it off is the easy part for me," Murphy said.

Dan is on Twitter. He’s just kidding he’d totally eat a kangaroo.